What We Do

Jose, center, is pictured with his foster brothers.

We Support Vulnerable Children

There are 15,000-20,000 children/youth in foster care in Arizona every year.  We support the families that support these vulnerable young people.  Foster children may arrive at a new home with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  This can be traumatic to the children, and presents a challenge to foster families, who need to quickly acquire the items these children and youth need.

We provide items needed to make a foster child feel welcome in their new home: clothes, shoes, toys & games, books, baby equipment, strollers, and more.  

We provide support to the entire family, not limited to the child in foster care.  We feel that our best way to support the children who need our help is by supporting the needs of the whole family.

Children in "displaced" homes may be in the foster care system, placed with relatives (kinship care), or adopted (frequently by their foster families).  Jose's Closet is available to all the families who care for these special children.


How Does Jose's Closet Work?

Jose's Closet offers members the items they need for the children in their home.  From clothing and shoes to toys and games, kids use a lot of stuff!  Members are invited to shop (at no cost) for head-to-toe clothing for each child in their home several times per year.  We have several seasonal giveaways, such as Back-to-School and Holiday events.  We offer infant formula and diapers at a subsidized cost, and operate a modest food pantry at no charge.

Our program requires financial support to help cover our operational costs, including rent, utilities, insurance, shelving & clothing racks, informational material,  fundraising efforts, and other overhead costs.

Our resource center is staffed by an all-volunteer workforce.  Our wonderful volunteers sort through donated items, place them out for our families to browse, and assist with keeping our facility neat and tidy.

Families looking for assistance complete a membership application.  This helps us gather the information we need to stay qualified as an Arizona Qualified Foster Care Organization.  We ask member families to contribute a small membership fee, as well as a five volunteer hours per year.


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