We are only accepting emergency support items during the COVID19 shutdown. See how you can help.

Jose's Closet is currently offering emergency support from our Annex location in San Tan Valley. 

We look forward to reopening and welcoming donations of clothing and other kids' items again once doing so is safe.  

We are accepting limited categories of items that assist with our emergency support:

  • Groceries (shelf-stable only, non-breakable packaging please)
  • Baby Care Items (diapers, pull-ups, wipes, baby food, formula)
  • Children's Activities (help keep our member kids engaged & entertained!)
  • Cleaning Supplies (household cleaners, disinfectants, laundry supplies, disposable dishware, etc.)

Jose's Closet Annex: 41787 N Coyote Rd, San Tan Valley AZ 85140     cell: 480-313-8496

If you are able, please consider a financial donation, which will be used to purchase groceries and other supplies that we are offering to our member families during this time.

Food & Supply Drive - How You Can Help


Donate Items

Bring shelf-stable food items, cleaning supplies, baby care items, or kid activities to the Jose's Closet Annex!

Address:  41787 N Coyote Rd, San Tan Valley AZ 85140

Please drive carefully. Only allow 1 adult to exit your car to drop items in the marked "Donation" area, behind the red barn.

Financial Support

You can make a donation, which will be used to purchase groceries and other supplies to distribute to our member families.  
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, and qualified for the Arizona QFCO Tax Credit for monetary donations.

Click the button below to make a donation online.

Mail a check to: 

Jose's Closet - PO Box 1641 - Queen Creek AZ 85142
(Email us your contact info if you would like to get your receipt electronically. info@josescloset.org)

Donate Gently Used Items

Clothing & Shoes

Clothing & Shoes

Clothing & Shoes


We accept gently used clothing in ALL SIZES.  The children we support need clothing items from preemie/newborn through adult sizes, as foster "children" grow into adult sizes.  Foster kids may be experiencing health issues that cause rapid weight loss / gain in addition to the normal growth spurts of childhood.  We invite our member families to refresh their children's wardrobes monthly, which is very helpful.
In addition to their daily wear, our teens need professional wear for jobs and interviews.

If your clothing items are something you would be happy to pass to a friend, we would love to offer them to our member families.  

Baby Items

Clothing & Shoes

Clothing & Shoes


Everyone who has raised a baby knows that they use a lot of stuff!  

We accept all baby equipment in good working order, including: bassinets, pack & plays, strollers, high chairs, bouncy seats, activity mats, and more.  
We accept clean bottles, sippy cups, and other feeding items.  
Baby clothing and other items are appreciated: blankets, crib bedding, burp cloths, bibs, etc.

In other words, if a baby might use it (and it's in good working order), we will happily accept your baby gear!

Sports Equipment

Clothing & Shoes

Seasonal Items & School Uniforms


We accept sports equipment of all kinds. From sports balls to shoes, if they are in good usable condition, we will gladly take your sports items!

Bicycles & Tricycles

Scooters & Skateboards 

Ride-On Toys

Roller Skates / Ice Skates

Helmets & Safety Padding

Baseball / Softball Equipment

Basketballs & Jerseys

Dance Leotards & Shoes

Football Equipment

Soccer Gear
Swimwear / Swim Team Uniforms

Sneakers & Cleats

... and more!

Seasonal Items & School Uniforms

Seasonal Items & School Uniforms

Seasonal Items & School Uniforms


From swimwear & coverups to winter coats, hats, and gloves, we accept all your seasonal items any time of year!

We accept holiday themed clothing.

School uniforms are also accepted, for any schools in the greater Phoenix metro area.  

Toys & Games

Seasonal Items & School Uniforms

Toys & Games


Our well-stocked toy room that is a favorite stop when children come with their parents!  
Please check to see that your toys and games have all their parts/pieces, as it is disappointing to bring home a new toy or game only to find the parts are missing.
Batteries are always appreciated, but not required when donating electronic toys.

No Stuffed Animals at this time - thank you.

Books & DVDs

Seasonal Items & School Uniforms

Toys & Games


We love to encourage reading at all levels, from baby's books through young adult literature.  

(Before donating, you may wish to erase or cover your name if written in the book.)

DVDs are a welcome treasure, but we ask that titles are limited to those rated G or PG.

Donate New Items

School Supplies

School Supplies

School Supplies


We offer a special School Supply event to our families each year.  With the year-round schedules that most Arizona schools use, this means that we are distributing school supplies in July.
Consider donating new / unused school supplies, as well as new / gently used backpacks.  Donations are accepted all year long. 

We try to collect & organize supplies by June so that they are available for  distribution in July.

Holiday Gifts

School Supplies

School Supplies


Winter Holidays are celebrated by the majority of the families we support, and gift giving on a budget is tough!  To help, we offer Holiday Shopping to our families, where we offer a new toy / gift for each child, as well as stocking stuffers, clothing items, personal care items, and their own pillow & blanket.

If you have new toys or gifts to donate, we would love to accept them year-round!  We organize all our Holiday donations by November and start distributing them to families in December.  We provide gifts for all ages, from 0 months - 18 years to the parents, who can then gift the items to their children.  

Please donate items unwrapped.

New Clothing

School Supplies

New Clothing


New clothing is a treasured item for our families.  We reserve new clothing items for our giveaway events, so that children can see they have something that is "just for them."  

Do you love finding a good bargain?  If you find some great deals on new clothing that might not be the size your family needs, think of Jose's Closet!

Gift Cards

Stocking Stuffers & Wrapped Candies

New Clothing


Children in foster care do not get to make many decisions for themselves.  Gift cards can give them the power to make their own selections, which is a very meaningful thing.
Consider a $10-25 gift card as a gift, particularly for our teens.  You can even order them online and have them shipped right to Jose's Closet!

Stocking Stuffers & Wrapped Candies

Stocking Stuffers & Wrapped Candies

Stocking Stuffers & Wrapped Candies


We gladly accept small items that make good "stocking stuffers" or "basket fillers"!

Coloring books, markers, small puzzles (new), and more are great ideas.

Individually-wrapped candies, Easter-style treats, Valentine's treats and classroom cards, are all happily accepted.

Gift Wrap & Party Supplies

Stocking Stuffers & Wrapped Candies

Stocking Stuffers & Wrapped Candies


We ask that all donations be given unwrapped, but all gift wrap supplies are always welcome and appreciated.  Whether for birthdays or holidays, gift wrap is always appreciated.

Birthdays always feel a little more fun when decorated with fun party supplies.  New or gently used party decor and themed paper products are appreciated.

Food Pantry


We operate a modest food pantry

Our food pantry is small but helpful.  We work with a local food bank to bring shelf-stable items to our member families.  Whether food or paper products, we will happily pass along anything that helps.

What Can Be Donated?

We welcome donations of shelf-stable food.  Food items should be commercially packaged, and within the expiration date.  Dry goods and canned goods, as well as bottled drinks are our main focus at this time.

Individually-wrapped candy goods are very popular at Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter.  (We consider these Giveaway items, not food pantry items.)

Baby food is always in demand.  Any baby food items with current expiration dates are accepted.
Household items, like paper towels, tissue, garbage bags, zipper-style storage bags, etc. are always needed.

What Isn't Accepted?

We can only offer room-temperature storage, so freezer, fresh, or perishable items are not accepted.

Items need to have a readable expiration date, so open packages of food items are not accepted.

Grocery Gift Cards

Grocery gift cards are welcome donations.  

Items Not Accepted


Stuffed Animals

Please consider gifting Stuffed Animals to your local Fire / Rescue Department.

Stained / Torn Clothing

We don't offer stained or torn clothing to our families.  Donated clothing should be in clean, wearable condition. Please consider donating your stained / torn items to a fabric recycler instead.

Bicycles in Need of Repair

Bicycles are one of the most requested items for our children, and we love to provide new or used bicycles.  Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to make repairs, including fixing flat tires.

Adult Materials

Some of our volunteers are students, so please remove any movies rated PG-13 or higher, as well as any other adult content from your donation.


In order to keep our youngest members safe, we do not offer breakable items, such as figurines, breakable home decor, etc.  

Furniture... But We Can Help Find a Home For It

If you have furniture to donate, especially twin beds or smaller dressers, please email us.  We will send word to our families to see if anyone has a need at the time, and will connect you with the family in need to arrange the donation.  We can give you a materials donation receipt, but do not have room to store items at our current location.  We limit our matchmaking services to smaller bedroom furniture and baby items only.

Materials for Our Resource Center

Retail Clothing Racks

Retail Clothing Racks

Retail Clothing Racks


One of our goals is to transition from displaying our clothing in bins to hanging all items on clothing racks.  Retail clothing racks are part of this dream!  Racks can be fixed or rolling.


Retail Clothing Racks

Retail Clothing Racks


We use hangers to display our items.  

Retail hangers (with swivel tops) are preferred, but we will gladly use any regular  hangers and clip hangers.

Wire hangers are not preferred, as they are easily tangled. 

Storage Tubs

Retail Clothing Racks

Industrial / Retail Shelving


We currently display our available clothing inventory in large plastic storage tubs.  These are used constantly and need to be replaced.  Lids are useful, but not necessary.  Clear bins are preferred.

Industrial / Retail Shelving

Industrial / Retail Shelving

Industrial / Retail Shelving


Sturdy shelving is always needed to display toys & games, books, shoes, bedding and other linen, and for storage.  We welcome donations and custom built shelving donations.

Office Supplies

Industrial / Retail Shelving

Office Supplies


Printer paper, pens, receipt books (triplicate copy), a laminator with laminating sheets, push pins, safety pins, markers, large garbage bags, ziploc bags, rubber bands, zip ties, and more are always useful.

Shopping Carts

Industrial / Retail Shelving

Office Supplies


Shopping carts are always on our Wish List!  We use them to bring donations into our Sorting Room, and our members use them when shopping.

Wish List

Download our School Supply Wish List

School Supply Wish List (pdf)


Where to Donate

Jose's Closet

With an all-volunteer staff at our Resource Center, our hours vary according to their availability.  We announce our hours on the home page of this website.

Upcoming Open Hours


From the Phoenix metro area: 

Take Hwy 60 to Exit 195 onto Ironwood Drive.  

Turn left (north) onto Ironwood and proceed 1.6 miles.  

Turn left (west) onto W Broadway Ave and enter the second driveway on the right.

Jose's Closet is located on the left side of the parking lot, next to Little Prospector's Preschool.

Jose's Closet Inc

550 South Ironwood Drive, Apache Junction, Arizona 85120, United States

Jose's Closet: 480-309-1743 Wendy Esquibel, Founder & Director: 480-313-8496

Drop us a line!